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Cookies are pieces of data, which are sent by the service provider’s server to the client’s web browser. The cookies are saved to the client’s device and the server can ask the cookie to be sent back to check its data. Session cookies are removed when the session is ended by the user and persistent cookies remain saved a specific time period or until the user deletes them.
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JavaScript is a programming language commonly used in web programming to create dynamic and interactive content. The web browser is required to have JavaScript support since the browser executes the JavaScript code instead of a web server.
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A browser is a software application for retrieving, presenting and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web. Find a list of supported browsers below.
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Watertight security is one of the most crucial features of the Cixtranet®. Cixtranet® utilizes TLS 1.2 protection (Transport Layer Security), which encodes Internet communication. The encoded information can be viewed in the workstations of customers of the Cixtranet® service only, and with Eezy Spirit Oy's own server. TLS protection also guarantees that no other party can appear as the Eezy Spirit Oy's server on the Internet.

The fact that the server is located in Eezy Spirit Oy's own secure premises in Finland contributes to added security.

As a customer of the Cixtranet® service, you will receive a personal user name and password. The user name and password together are the keys to the Cixtranet® service and to the survey of your organisation, so keep them safe. You should not give your personal password to anyone else.
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